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This site is presented with the hopes of preserving the memories of our ancestors. Many we know about, and many we will never know, because of records being destroyed by fire, flood, and other disasters. Without them, where would I be? They have made possible the way we live today. We owe them our gratitude and an interest in truly understanding their experiences. My Elrod Family Tree contains over 55,000 names and the Mangum Tree over 1,500. If you would like an invite to either tree, make sure you include the required information and either your Elrod or Mangum lineage as far back as possible in the notes section of the request access section. I will not give you access unless you can prove that you are a member of either the Elrod, Ellrod, Ellrodt or Mangum Family. If you can not prove your lineage, send me an email at michaeljelrod@gmail.com with what info you have and I will try to research and then approve afterward. Again, if you would like access to this tree click "Register for a User Account" above. Make sure you fill out all requested information and also include the Elrod or Mangum lineage in the notes section.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Birthdays Today

Madlena Madlana Madlain - 1686
Elias Welbourn - 1781
Jacob Heinrich Langendoerfer - 1816
Elizabeth Mattox - 1819
Iona Mahala Fulkerson - 1823
Parthenia Dink Elrod - 1832
Jacob Alvis Elrod - 1835
Matilda Savilla Ann Rogers - 1839
Sarah Elrod - 1842
Mary A. Elrod - 1853
Mary Adeline Elrod - 1853
James C. Box - 1855
Infant Seaton - 1858
Margaret Pamelia Spence - 1860
William Capers Elrod - 1863
William Thomas Elrod - 1869
Charles Ernest Jemison - 1870
Flora Jane Elrod - 1871
Rebecca Jane Pennington - 1871
Daniel D King - 1874
James Abner Martin - 1874
James Abner Martin - 1874
James Hardy Trivette - 1878
Claudius Whelchel - 1882
Stella Acklin - 1885
Jack McAdams - 1886
John T Borgsteadt - 1891
Paul Bernard Jacob - 1893
William Knox Irl Elrod - 1895
William Hubert Butner - 1896
Della Evans - 1896
T. Clayton Elrod - 1904
Ruby Evelyn Elrod - 1913
Marlene M. Elrod - 1923
Roy Gene "Mouse" Haynes - 1930
Doyle Ray Tankersley - 1941